Welfare Units

BrochureEco Welfare Pods supplied by specialist supplier AAA Munster Loos Hire, who have the latest range of Eco welfare Pods, developed to operate in the toughest of conditions. Our Eco Welfare Pods are economical and advanced yet simple to use providing seating for 7 people in a fully equipped spacious and comfortable kitchenette area.

Eco Welfare Pods supplied by AAA Munster Loos Hire work from an intelligent 12 volt system Other features are:

– Self-contained – No mains connection
– Anti-vandal – Safe and secure with kneel down axle system and retractable draw-bar
– Toilet with flushing, non-chemical toilet
– Washing facilities – Forearm sized hand basin
– Fully equipped canteen and rest area
– Drying room – A separate facility for drying and changing clothing
– Lower emissions – Dual power supply
– Motion activated 12v LED lighting
– Low water use flush toilet – 1 litre per flush
– Low fuel consumption